1) Postgresql :

  1. create postgresql server : postgresql-1
  2. create database named : gitlabhq_production
  3. add user named : gitlab

2) NFS share

  1. create an nfs share

3) Redis

for some reason gcp redis didn’t work so i had to create a compute instance and install redis.

  1. create compute instance
  2. yum install -y redis
  3. inside /etc/redis.conf change : bind ==> bind
  4. next steps : https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-redis-on-rhel-7-server/

4) Gitlab instances

  1. create 2 compute instances
  2. add them to a compute group
  3. in postgresql gpc config : add rule to allow them gitlab instances to access the postgresql
  4. follow doc : https://docs.gitlab.com/12.10/ee/administration/high_availability/gitlab.html

Access control models

What is Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

MAC stands for Mandatory Access Control (MAC). its a security model where users are given permissions to resources by an admin or root. These permissions can ONLY be granted by the root user or administrator.Only an administrator can grant permissions or…

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